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Going back to my teens, I always had a passion for understanding humanity, especially in relation to their sexuality and relationships. So I majored in this when I studied psychology at university in the US, then counselled in that field, getting lots of positive feedback.

Since I've been working as an escort, and especially since I've been teaching tantra and Kama Sutra, I've found that many of my clients love to talk to me about their sexual and relationship problems. And most gratifyingly, they almost always tell me that I give them highly beneficial, practical advice that they just cannot get anywhere else.

My studies plus my extensive, cosmopolitan real world experience, as well as what I've learned from talking to so many people about it, allow me to be very well versed in all aspects of human sexuality. Plus my very open personal sexuality means my thinking is not restricted by traditional concepts or ideas. And most importantly, my clients feel more comfortable to talk openly about this to me than anybody else. Along with complete discretion, that means I can really get to the heart of the matter like nobody else can.

I can help you to strengthen your sexual organs, plus improve your self confidence, attractiveness, sexual technique and performance. To achieve the ultimate, check out my Kama Sutra package service.

Geisha Mika sex therapy
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