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Geisha Mika Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra is the world's oldest textbook on human sexuality. It's one part of the tantra system, focusing on eroticism leading to fulfilment in life. My full Kama Sutra course consists of 3 sessions comprising roughly 10 hours total, plus an extra Ayurveda option.

1st Session: Discussion of your specific situation, plus revitalising your sexual organs and improving your sexual and physical health.

2nd Session: How to seduce and give sexual pleasure to women.

3rd Session: How to give women a profound sexual experience.

Aryuveda: For the rejuvenation of your sexual organs, Ayurveda medicinal treatment may be added for some clients (only a small percentage will need this). Further sessions will be required—the exact number will vary depending the condition of each individual.

Please call me to get a quote on the fees for your individual needs.
Paid by cash, Beem, PayID or bank transfer/deposit.

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