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I call myself Geisha Mika (芸者 実果) because—in addition to being the first and only Australian geisha—I pride myself in giving the highest standard of service, in the Japanese tradition. If you value class and conversation, I am almost certainly the girl for you.

Before I tell you what I will do, I'd just like to categorically state what I won't do. I will not do anything unsafe, or overly kinky. I conduct myself in an absolutely professional manner at all times, so I won't do anything that might endanger myself or my clients.

So what can I do for you? In addition to providing high class escort services, I am also a qualified Japanese acupressure (shiatsu 指壓) masseuse, trained at Akeibo no Onsen (あけぼの湯) in Tokyo. While most other girls provide massage merely as an afterthought, I will give you some of the best massage you will ever experience. I am also an expert in all aspects of human sexuality, providing sex therapy counselling, as well as training in tantra and kama sutra.

If you simply want some quiet time with a beautiful girl, I am very happy to oblige. Or if you want good conversation, I'm sure you'll find I'm one of the most interesting girls you can meet. In addition to my Japanese heritage, I also studied psychology in the US. And yes (unlike most Asian escorts), I am a fluent English speaker!

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