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Geisha Mika performing traditional Japanese tea ceremony

I came from a family of four generations of geisha 芸者 in Japan, and have worked as a maiko 舞子 (apprentice of geisha) in Akasaka 赤坂 (an upmarket district in Tokyo). I believe I am the first and only true geisha in Australian history. My geisha services are as follows:

Geisha fantasy: If you don't have the time or the inclination for my full geisha service and its cultural practices (see below), you can simply relax and enjoy yourself with me as your personal geisha. $750 $500 for one hour ($900 $600 outcall) limited special offer!

Full geisha experience: I will start with traditional tea ceremony (sado 茶道), using special Japanese imported green tea (matcha 抹茶), the most expensive and exclusive green tea in the world. While I serve you tea, we can also discuss Japanese tea culture and history, which is related to zen (禅) spirit. I can also introduce you to the details of geisha history and culture (芸者の歴史と文化), and explore with you the interesting and peculiar differences between Japanese and western sexual culture. After that, I will do geisha dance performance and sing Japanese ballads (enka 演歌) for you. $1500 $1000 for two hours (in call only) limited special offer!

You can pay by cash, Beem, PayID or bank transfer/deposit.

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