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Private Japanese tantra CBD Brisbane escort/sex therapist Geisha Mika showing off her sexy body

Kama Sutra is the oldest textbook on human sexuality in history. It's one part of the tantra system, focusing on eroticism leading to fulfilment in life. My course includes 4 sessions, each 2 hours long—you can take 2 sessions within one day (so 4 hours total).

1st Session: Discussion of your specific condition plus vitalising your sex organs and improving your general health (including weight loss if required).

2nd Session: How to seduce and give sexual pleasure to women.

3rd Session: How to give women a profound sexual experience.

4th and 5th Sessions: Sexual hypnosis, which brings magical sexual enjoyment to a woman and profound positive changes in her sexuality for the rest of her life.

Extra Sessions: For the rejuvenation of the sex organs, Ayurveda medicine treatment may be added for some clients (only a small percentage will need this). Further sessions will be required—the exact number varies depending the condition of each individual.

10 hours for the full course $2500, by cash only, paid up front. This does not include Ayurveda (price on a case by case basis).

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